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Ocean Grove is a super quick ride from both New York City and Philadelphia. It's history is still very much alive.

Founded by a group of Methodist clergy and benefactors in 1869, Ocean Grove continues its longtime tradition of religious worship. The "Camp Meeting Association" hosts religious services, ceremonies and entertainment several times a day throughout the summer months.


Ocean Grove is an oceanfront town along the eastern coast of New Jersey. It is one of the most northern towns along the Jersey Shore.

Ocean Grove is the least commercial town along the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. Of all the beachfront towns from Maine to Florida, Ocean Grove is the most unique. It consists mainly of single family homes although there are many multi-family homes, Bed & breakfast style hotels are also available.

Ocean Grove is a quick drive from both New York City and Philadelphia. In fact, it was that very closeness that made it so desirable to the founding families of Ocean Grove in the 18th Century. After the end of the American Civil War, a group of prominent Methodist families sought to create a summer retreat for family, meditation, spirituality and religious worship. They found the wooded shores of northern New Jersey and endeavored to secure a one-mile square area that is today known as Ocean Grove.