logo street sign Ocean Avenue is the oceanfront road that runs along the easternmost border of Ocean Grove. Ocean Avenue runs north and south through many of this area's Jersey Shore towns.
Looking north from the one end of Ocean Avenue to the other. The ocean is on the right side of the road. Notice the long shadows that lay across the street? This photo was taken just after dawn . . . just about the time you can wake up and jog or ride a bicycle along the boardwalk!
A prominent feature throughout the town are the porches. No self-respecting home in Ocean Grove would dare to face the summer without a proper front porch! Since many of the homes in Ocean Grove are constructed in the Victorian style, many porches are architectural showcases.


Street addresses along Ocean Avenue
01 Ocean Avenue
04 Ocean Avenue
05 Ocean Avenue
06 Ocean Avenue
07 Ocean Avenue
08 Ocean Avenue
09 Ocean Avenue
11 Ocean Avenue
12 Ocean Avenue
13 Ocean Avenue
14 Ocean Avenue
15 Ocean Avenue
16 Ocean Avenue
17 Ocean Avenue
18 Ocean Avenue
19 Ocean Avenue
22 Ocean Avenue
23 Ocean Avenue
25 Ocean Avenue
26 Ocean Avenue
28 Ocean Avenue
In a very small, concentrated area, Ocean Grove boasts one of the most significant collections of Victorian home architecture in the tri-state area.
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Multi-story homes in Ocean Grove will often feature a wrap porch on each level! Rocking chairs abound delightfully!

There's only about 20 residences along Ocean Avenue. Many of them are bed and breakfast style hotels. The northernmost property is a multi-story condominium.

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North / South Streets
01 Ocean Ave
02 Beach Ave
03 Central Ave
04 Pilgrim Pathway
05 New York Ave
06 Pennsylvania Ave
07 New Jersey Ave
08 Delaware Ave
09 Whitefield Ave
10 Benson Ave
11 Lawrence Ave
12 South Main Street
East / West Streets
30 Fletcher Lake Ave
31 Inskip Ave
32 Stockton Ave
33 Franklin Ave
34 Clark Ave
35 Cookman Ave
36 Broadway
37 Abbott Ave
38 Webb Ave
39 Embury Ave
40 Heck Ave
41 Main Ave
42 Mt Hermon Way
43 Mt Tabor Way
44 Mt Carmel Way
45 Mt Zion Way
46 Olin Ave
47 Pitman Avenue
48 McClintock St
49 Ocean Pathway
50 Bath Ave
51 Surf Ave
52 Atlantic Ave
53 Seaview Ave
54 Spray Ave
55 Asbury Ave
56 Lake Ave
Attractions, Community Amenities, Hotels
13 Great Auditorium
14 Centennial House
15 Community House
16 Tents
17 Retail
18 Veterans' Park
19 Signage, Sports
20 Pavilion on the Beach
21 Beach
22 Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts
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